Improved Bing Search services on the part of Microsoft

A few years ago, web search was as simple as typing a message. Users used to type a few words in order to reach the desired web page. But today, the scenario is completely different. Now the users are using advanced technologies to reach a result. They can now take a picture on their phones and drop it into the search box to look for the results.

Intelligent assistants make it easier for the people who do not want to spend their energies into typing or taking pictures. They can just question to these assistants and the assistant would answer almost all of their queries. The output is not likely in the form of a list of pages but in the form of replies.

Microsoft gave way to a new feature that makes its Bing search services to provide its users with a totally different experience. Bing search services now give instant results to its users. The company’s main aim by making this technology available to users is to influence other domain holders to develop a similar technology. The probability is high that developers will find a number of other enterprises and consumer use cases.

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The piece of software the company open-sourced for users is a library that Microsoft developed to make use of all the data it collected in a better way and the Artificial Intelligence models are exclusively built for Bing.

Bing can search through billions of pieces of information in milliseconds with the Space Partition Tree and Graph (SPTAG) algorithm. This algorithm can be found at the center of the open-sourced Python library. The quick search is probably not the new innovation, but its concept to work with deep model is worthy to note.

How does the open-source search engine work?

The team makes use of a pre-trained model and then it encodes the data included in the form of vectors. This vector represents a word or a pixel which is further generated into a vector index. As a person searches through the web, this enhanced model transforms the input into the vector form. The deep learning model library then finds the most relevant vector from the index and presents it to the user in the form of a result.

With Microsoft web search engine the traditional keyword matching has extended. The data indexed by Bing has extended up to 150 billion pieces of information including single words, web pages bits, characters, media, and other queries. Bing can search for everything in just a few moments and present the desired result in the blink of an eye.

It is also important to note that search engines prefer keyword-based searching which is a part of Search Engine Optimization for online marketing of goods and products.  

To sum up-

If you want to save your precious time, it is advised that you set the Bing search engine as your homepage. With Bing, you cannot just search, but enhance your productivity level with the new improved experience.