How to export Chart from an Excel sheet to your PowerPoint Presentation?

Microsoft Excel is a robust, practical, target-oriented yet plain and user-friendly spreadsheet application for all of us. It is widely used to virtually demonstrate and preserve complex information for diverse purposes including banking, business, work, accounting, data integration, etc. The program is equipped with impressive features and task-specific tools to create charts and graphs.

Occasionally, you may feel to demonstrate only the chart in your presentation and not the whole content to the audience. In such a scenario, MS PowerPoint is the application that is best considered for the task. However, the problem is how to export Excel sheet data to PowerPoint Slide. Despite PowerPoint having its own set of features to draw charts, you would find it quite painful and overwhelmingly protracted to replicate the charts in PowerPoint slide that already exists in the Excel sheet.

Instead of drawing a completely new chart, it would be wise to import the chart from Excel into PowerPoint or you could export the chart from an existing Excel sheet to the PowerPoint application. You can also embed or link the chart in Excel to your PowerPoint Presentation. Regardless of the method you apply will save you a great deal of time and efforts. When you embed your Excel chart in PowerPoint, whatever update you make in Excel chart will automatically apply on your PowerPoint, as long as the file remains in the same location.

Steps to copy and paste Chart from Excel sheet to the PowerPoint program

Here, in this write-up, we will guide through the process of copying the chart from Excel to PowerPoint slide:

  1. Double-click on your Excel file, which contains the chart. Move to the specific sheet and select the chart.
  2. Choose the copy option and click on it from the clipboard group of the Home tab. You can press the combination of CTRL+C keys to copy the chart.
  3. Now, Open your PowerPoint Presentation and select the slide where you want to paste the chart.
  4. Press right-click, slide to the “Paste” option and click on it, or you can choose to press the combination of CTRL+V keys to paste it.
  5. Once the chart is pasted, a small box icon will display at the edge of the chart, which allows you to select a format that is suitable for your needs.
  6. The chart must be linked to the source data to keep the chart updated all the time.
  7. To link the chart, select the option “Chart” in the PowerPoint program. You can choose different options to view or format the chart. You can change the destination theme by selecting “Use Destination Theme” option.
  8. Go to the “Design” option and choose a style to present the chart as per your needs by clicking on the style form from the chart style option.
  9. To view the chart as an image, you can choose the “Picture Format” and it would present the chart in a better quality display than the customary Bitmap Format.

Please Note: You can also choose to insert an existing chart from Excel sheet to your PowerPoint Presentation. It will save you a considerable amount of time and work.

In the end,

For a detailed explanation of the whole process, you can search for the help file that is linked to the Excel application. You can also contact Microsoft Customer Support for verbal guidance on the procedure from their technical executives.