Houston partners with Microsoft for the smart city project

Houston stands as a symbol of digital innovation for global IT solutions, elevating its popularity as an ideal platform to stage the event of Microsoft IoT Hackathon, which held on May 13-15. It’s no surprise for a city like Houston to host such an innovative project. More than a century ago, Houston bore witness to the greatest evolution in the history of mankind when Neil Armstrong took the first flight to the “Moon” and landed successfully without a scratch. It was Houston to which they made their first contact from the Moon. Many innovative ideas and revolutions came to life from the womb of the city.  

Houston has a historical significance that gives the essence of superiority in technology and innovation. Now, the city is moving toward next-gen transformation in its lifestyle by seeking and employing the best available technologies and new ideas introduced by global IT companies including Microsoft. Led by a competitive University System, the city’s emerging talent pool in engineering and technology has fueled an explosion of disruptions in the manufacturing, energy and life sciences sectors.

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Houston is approaching Microsoft to bring its resources in support to realize the dream of creating a smart city with the intent of improving the productivity and lifestyle of working professionals, streamlining transportation system and to enhance connectivity between citizens and local services, especially in case of emergency.

Microsoft IoT Hackathon encouraged participants to bring innovative IoT solutions to life

Houston’s long-standing dreams to collaborate with Microsoft and its partners in leveraging the cloud for digital transformation while bringing a futuristic approach in creating repeatable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions come to life during the last IoT in Action event held at April 16. Mayor Sylvestor was featured as the Keynote Speaker to highlight the event.

The sheer density of participants in the event wasn’t the only encouragement that persuaded Houston into hosting a Hackathon in the city. But, there were other innovative ideas at work like Houston saw it as a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs and new talents to stage their skills with right tools and resources they need to innovate and bring their IoT concepts to life – all in a city that has its own innovative dreams for IoT.    

Focal Points of the Hackathon

Houston is committed to extending its journey with IoT solutions at a greater height. The core focus of this Hackathon is to give young aspirants a chance to showcase their IoT capabilities and bring new solutions to life that offers a perfect combination of physical and virtual lifestyle. Houston hosted 15 aspirants from 13 different countries within the broader Houston Area.

All of them had a single notion in their mind and stepped forward to explore the possibilities of innovative IoT solutions for diverse industries including Farming, warehousing, energy, manufacturing, interior horticulture, transportation, public safety, smart cities and traffic logistics.

Reducing complexities of IoT development with Windows 10 and Azure IoT

Hackathon participants can manufacture and showcase intelligent edge devices compatible with Windows 10 – IoT family of operating systems which includes:

  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Windows 10 IoT Core Services
  • Windows 10 Iot Enterprise
  • Windows Server IoT 2019


Participants who attended Hackathon focused on a diverse range of concept ideas using these technologies. For instance, one attendee explored the possibilities of using IoT technologies to enhance the Smart city’s transportation system.