How to setup Microsoft Remote Desktop? Follow this guide

Are you trying to set up a connection to a Microsoft PC remotely? Yes, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer with the help of remote desktop connection.

However, the basic need for it is to have the two of them connected to the same network or to the internet. For example: You are sitting at your home computer and you want to have access to your office computer, you can very well do it with the enabled remote desktop connection.

You can use all files on your office computer by working on your home computer. If remote desktop connections are allowed through the firewall of your Microsoft computer, you could follow these steps to remote the remote desktop to acquire control on your desired desktop.

Here’s how to set up Microsoft remote desktop 

Steps on the computer you want to get connected to:

  1. Start the system you want to get connected to. Now right-click computer and click properties.
  2. Choose the option of remote settings. Now, you might be asked for an administrator password or confirmation. Provide confirmation.
  3. Click on select users.
  4. In the remote desktop users, click on the add button
  5. The select users dialogue box would ask you to add locations – you can click on locations and make a search. You got to enter the name of the object that you want to add and then click ok.
  6. You would see the name displaying in the list of users in the Remote Desktop Users Dialog box. Click OK, and then again click OK. 

Steps on Remote Computer

  1. Start the remote computer, right click and select properties. 
  2. You can find your computer name and domain under computer name, domain, and workgroup settings. 


You might face a trouble connecting because your remote desktop connections might be blocked by the firewall. In order to change the settings, select control panel on your remote computer. Click system and security.

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Under Windows Firewall, select the option,
“allow a program through Windows Firewall.” Click on change settings. Click OK in the box next to Remote Desktop to save the changes.

To start remote Desktop on the computer to work from

  1. Start Remote desktop and type remote desktop connection in the search box. Click on remote desktop connection in the list on results.
  2. In the computer box, either enter the name of the computer you want to get connected to or its IP address and then click connect. 

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