Troubleshoot sync error with OneDrive on Mac

One of my friend operating as a freelancer from his home workstation came to me other day asking if I can help him to get rid of an issue with OneDrive syncing on a Mac. It is quite unfortunate for Mac users who suffer from this issue as it makes them unable to connect with OneDrive cloud services.

If you find it difficult to sync your Mac with OneDrive, you may try troubleshooting virtual agent. Microsoft has recently introduced a OneDrive Sync problem Troubleshooter in the Support Virtual agent to help general users synchronize their MACs with OneDrive. The instructions are compatible to the methods given below, yet if required, you can go for the traditional virtual agent.

In case, you fail to establish a connection with online, you should take a quick glance at the status of Microsoft Office Online Services at the Service Health Portal.        

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Please Note: If you see a notification icon on your screen that says “You are unable to access your account presently” while trying to access your OneDrive, it simply means that your account is unplugged for an interim period. It happens due to countless reasons ranging from unusual traffic volume to suspicious behavior and infringement of privacy laws and code of conduct. You’re are suggested to visit OneDrive Account Activation Page to view or restore your account by implying on-screen guidelines.

Please Note: For Users having business version of OneDrive account, you need to acquire a valid consent from a senior official to add files and folders to your account. Don’t forget to ensure the permission for saving the files and folders. Contact your network administrator, if you find it difficult to perform any of the tasks mentioned above.

If you can access your OneDrive account online, then try to ensure the following to sync your Mac to OneDrive.

  • Make sure to have your OneDrive process in active mode
  • Restart OneDrive
  • Update the OneDrive Sync app for Mac
  • Reset OneDrive
  • Make sure to have enough space
  • Turn off office upload

Here are a few more choices to get it done

  • Please ensure the right folders you want to sync
  • Check your file names

Last option

If you still fail to resolve the issue by ensuring the above requirements, then you might try to remove OneDrive and reinstall it again.

One advantage with OneDrive is that you don’t need to worry about files and data stored in your account after you uninstall or disable OneDrive from your Mac. All you need is to visit and access your data.

Steps to Uninstall OneDrive App from your computer

Now, before you hit the uninstall button, make sure that your computer meets all the requirements to reinstall and sync OneDrive with Mac along with latest updates installed in it. Here is what you have to do to remove the OneDrive App:

  1. Click the launchpad icon in the Docks
  2. Click and hold the OneDrive icon that you want to uninstall until all the icons start to jingle, then click the app’s delete button.

Please Note: if it doesn’t include a delete button, then you won’t be able to uninstall it.

Another method is to drag and drop the OneDrive Icon in Trash.   


Despite having well-established popularity and latest upgrades embedded in its programming, OneDrive is prone to several glitches and issues that require specialized attention to be taken care of. Contact Microsoft Customer Services if you find it difficult to follow the above steps, or if you want to make other queries related to OneDrive.